First Date Deal Breakers: Signs That It Might Not Work Out

First dates are exciting, nerve-wracking, and full of possibilities. While every individual has their criteria for what’s essential in a partner, there are some universal first-date deal breakers that many can agree on. Recognizing these signs early can save both parties time, energy, and heartbreak.

Disrespectful Behavior

Making rude comments: Whether it’s about your choice of outfit, the restaurant, or even a passing stranger – consistently rude or derogatory comments can be a significant red flag. Interrupting or talking over you: Everyone deserves to be heard, especially on a date where the goal is to get to know one another.

Inconsistencies and Dishonesty

Contradictory stories: If your date can’t keep their stories straight, it might suggest that they’re not being entirely truthful. Being evasive: If your date avoids answering questions directly or seems to be hiding something, trust your instincts.

Talking About Exes Non-stop

While discussing past relationships at some point is natural, a first date is not the time to rant about an ex. It might suggest they’re not over them or that they could bring unresolved baggage into a potential new relationship.

Being Glued to Their Phone

It’s a common courtesy to give your full attention on a date. Constantly checking one’s phone, texting, or taking calls (unless it’s an emergency) can signify disinterest or rudeness.

Poor Listening Skills

If your date can’t remember basic details you’ve shared or seems uninterested in what you say, they might not be genuinely interested in getting to know you.

Pushing Boundaries

If your date tries to pressure you into anything – drinking more than you’re comfortable with, engaging in activities you’re not ready for, or sharing personal details – it’s a vital sign they don’t respect your boundaries.

Negative Attitude

Constant complaining, negativity, or pessimism can be exhausting. While everyone has off days, an overly negative attitude might hint at a broader pattern of behavior.

Lack of Punctuality

While unexpected events can make anyone late occasionally, showing up significantly late without a good reason or not apologizing can suggest a lack of respect for your time.

Differences in Core Values

While some differences can enrich a relationship, stark contrasts in core values – such as views on family, finances, or long-term goals – can be hard to reconcile in the long run.